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Wallace Rapid Plastimeter



  Wallace Rapid Plastimeter    P-14  


The Rapid Plastimeter measures the plasticity of natural or unvulcanised rubber to international testing standards, the instrument can be used to determined the Plasticity Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers. Wallace Rapid Plastimeter consists of shell, mechanical device, control system, temperature control system, display system, input and output part. Cutting Press cuts the sample into the standard requirements, the operator put it on the lower plate of the instrument,  press down the left handle instrument and the test can start automatically, real-time display the test data, and print out test results eventually. In the process of use, setting functions is relatively few, and gap adjustments are relatively frequent. Combining with the printer, according to the tip of the front panel, the device can be conveniently set and semi-automatic 1mm gap adjustment operation.


◆ International testing standards

◆ Choice of three modes: unit value , median or mean value

◆ Display a variety of precision results

◆ Time and date can be set

◆ Sample ID can be set

◆ Function of Sample traceability

◆ The indicator indicates the operating status

◆ Semi-automatic setting of 1mm gap

◆ Function of temperature indication and calibration

◆ Load calibration

◆ Built-in diagnostic function

◆ Function of automatic alarm

◆ Function of automatic hint

  Ageing Chamber    O-14  


Wallace Ageing Chamber consists of shell, box, heat preservation device, temperature control system, display system, input and output and so on. Place the tray with the standard sample on the drawer and push the drawer into the 140-degree box with the heating. The instrument will start timing immediately, and age sample according to standard. Timely display temperature change, when aging is completed, automatically remind operators to extract samples.


◆ Measuring the Plastimeter Retention Index (PRI) of raw natural rubbers in conjunction with the Rapid Plastimeter

◆ Temperature controlled to 140 ± 0.2 ℃

◆ Four chambers, every chamber has a tri-colour LEDs indicate test status

◆ Up to 48 samples can be accommodated

◆ High-tech PID temperature control system with digital display

◆ Change air continuously and steadily through the filter (10 times/h)