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For testing of strength in tension, compression, bending, shearing, rapture and etc. 
     It can be used for various raw materials, semi-finished and finished products which are essential to manufacturers performing quality control and academic organizations for studying the physical properties of raw materials.

     Key Technical Data                                         

 Model : GT-7001-LAS 200  GT-7001-LAS 100  GT-7001-LAS 50  GT-7001-LAS 30  GT-7001-LAS20 GT-7001-LAS 10

◆ Capacity : 2000kN1000kN500kN300kN200kN100kN

◆ Speed(without loading): 0.01~65mm/min0.01~70mm/min0.01~90mm/min
◆ Display Method:
By Computer

◆ Load Range: Rangeless(full scales at the same amplification)

◆ Resolution: 1/200,000(or 1/300,000)

 Accuracy: ±1%

◆ Driving Method: Servo Hydraulic Control System

◆ Tensile: Max.Space(1): 620mm610mm,,490mm460mm

Grips for Rod(rod dia.): Φ12~Φ85mmΦ13~Φ75mm

Grips for Plate: 85×110mm70×90mm50×80mm40×60mm

 Compression: Effective Space(2):  700mm650mm540mm

Diameter of Compression Plate: Φ200mmΦ160mmΦ120mmΦ100mm

◆ Bending: Effective Space(3) : 245mm225mm290mm280mm

Bending jig Max.Space between two fulcrums : 790mm, 340mm, 390mm
Fulcrum Size (dia×width):  Φ30×210mmΦ30×145mm

◆ Punch: Radius of Punch: R35mm R22mmR16mm

Punch Width: 200mm160mm120mm100mm

◆ Ram Stroke: 230mm220mm220mm

◆ Speed-adjusting Mode: Adjustable electrically

 Effective Space Between two Columns: 730mm650mm495mm500mm

◆ Crosshead Driven: by Hydraulic System

◆ Crosshead Speed(Up/Down)(approx.):  170mm/min200mm/min250mm/min300mm/min

 Dimension(W×D×H):  Main Unit : 160×110×7500px140×80×5800px

Control Unit : 120×70×2600px

◆ Weight(approx.):  Main Unit : 7715kg3250kg2405kg1270kg

Control Unit : 255kg

◆ Power: 3∮,220V,20A; 3∮,380V,14A; 3∮,220V,13A;3∮,380V,10A


Note(1)excluding the ram stroke(2)(3) includes the installed compression plate and the ram stroke.

Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.