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This tester is used to determine the tire’s physical characteristics as plunger energy (completely penetrate the tread area of an inflated tire), bead unseating, and vertical (latitudinal) elasticity coefficient, tread footprints analysis...etc. It equips with a servo driving system, high precision load & displacement detection device and the real-time computer analysis system to help the test facile and comprehensive.


ASTM-F414、ASTM F870、GB/4503、GB/4504、GB/T 6327

     Key Technical Data                                         

◆ Spec / Test : Plunger Energy Test,Tread footprints/ Vertical Elasticity Comefficient Test, Lateral Elasticity Coefficient Test, Bead Uneseating Test

Capacity : 10 ton / 2 ton

◆ Unit (Switchable): kgflbfNkNpsiMPaN-m etc

◆ Load Resolution : 1/200,000

◆ Load Accuracy: within±0.5%

◆ Stroke Accuracy : ±0.5%

◆ Test Speed : 0~299 mm/min adjustable

◆ Specimen(tries): Light weight trucks, sedan, truck, engineering…etc.

Sedan (free of interior tire)

◆ Apply to the Range of Tyre Diameter : max×1500mm,  Rim dia. (code)254~406mm

◆ Plunger :φ8×80 mm,

φ19×200 mm,

φ32×330 mm,


◆ Effective Area of the Tread Footprints : max×1500mm