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The machine can be layered slices into the experimental required sheet material, and can be used to cut rubber, tires, hoses, fabric core conveyor belt and other rubber samples, can also be used for production chain cutting required sheet or other Semi-finished products. This machine is suitable for processing all kinds of plastic, rubber, leather and other flexible sheet material.

     Test Principle                                                   

◆ Digital display slice thickness, stepless speed change feeding.

◆ Automatic positioning the blade, no need to adjust manually.

Automatically adjust the blade pressure plate clearance, so that the blade cutting more accurate.

Electronic phase automatic detection system.

A single handle to adjust the sharpening device and start the automatic control device.

Large flywheel devicemakes the cutter operation more stable and accurate. 

Durable 3570mm long knife , affordable, reduce operating costs.

Accurate track makes the flywheel remove more reliable, replace the knife more easily, fast and convenient.

Mechanical parts always lubricate.

     Key Technical Data                                          

Max. Thickness of the sample: 8mm

Max. Width of the sample:42cm

Layered slices thickness: set manually, min. Thickness: 0.5mm

Feeding speed:  stepless speed change

Blade grinding method: grinding automatically

Adjustment accuracy of slice thickness: 0.1mm

Max. Power: 3500W

Weight (including oil): 720kg

Dimension: 1600mm×960mm×1420mm