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Demattia High/Low Temperature Flex-Cracking Tester




GT-7011-DHDS is designed to determine the resistance of vulcanized rubber to fatigue under repeated tensile deformation. The required number of test cycle to break the test pieces can be determined.


ASTM D813 2006,GB/T13934-1992,GB/T 13935-1992 ,ISO 132 1999


◆ The inner box is made of stainless steel fog panel; The outer box is made of stainless steel plate with baking paint. The insulation material adopts hard foaming material;

◆ The machine is equipped with protection device with no-fuse switch, compressor overload protection switch, refrigerant high-pressure protection switch, overtemperature protection switch, ceramic fuse, fault warning system, alarm.

◆ Cooling system: adopts European original fully enclosed compressor

◆Temperature control: adopt a balanced temperature-control system (BTC), to control SSR by P.I.D., so that the added heat of the system is equal to the heat loss and can be used for long-term stability.

◆ Safety design: a variety of security design and warning signs, install emergency stop button in the panel conspicuous place to protect the operator’s personal safety. All the wires through the relevant certification.

◆ The test box is equipped with a built-in lamp and a window, which can be used to observe the specimen fatigue.

     Key Technical Data                                            

Temp. range: -50℃ to 150℃
Stroke: 57mm
Specimen type: square, holding around the grip, can be
Station: 16
Testing speed: 300 times/min
Control method: HMI
Cooling type: compressor - air cooling

Interior dimension (W×D×H):50×36×1500px

Dimension (W×D×H):105×135×4375px

Power: 1∮ AC220V 50Hz(or specify)