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GT-7017-EU is designed to determine the characteristics of leather, plastics, rubber, textile before and after heating. This tester can automatically calculate the air change rate and heat specimen uniformly at controlled temperature.


ASTM D5374-93ASTM-D5423GB/T 7141JIS-K7212-1999 Type A UL 746B Type 2

     Key Technical Data                                           

Temp. Range: Ambient temp.+10℃~300℃

Temp. minimum reading: 0.1℃

Temperature control accuracy: ≦2.0°C

Turntable rotating speed: 510 rpm

Air change rate: 50~200 ACH (adjustable)

Heating method: Air circulation (SCR control)

Controller: HMI+PLC

Air change rate calculation: Automatic calculation

Interior dimension(W×D×H): 60 cm ×60 cm ×60 cm

Exterior dimension (approx.)(W×D×H):  138 cm ×94 ×187 cm

Power: 1∮ AC 220V 50Hz