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  • European local R & D team, focusing on the hardness test of non-metallic materials such as polymer. Hyde hardness tester adopts modular structure design, replaceable pressure pin and test unit, diversified functions, convenient operation, can realize a variety of test methods to meet the needs of a variety of customers; 

  • Wallace, a company of more than 60 years, is the most famous manufacturer of rubber testing equipment in Britain. Our company signed agency agreement with Wallace since 2015. 

  • PRECISA Swiss instrument manufacturer, founded in 1935, is one of the worlds top three major electronic balance brands. With the years of experience in the rubber and plastics testing industry and combining with the physical testing needs of the laboratory.

  • At present, most domestic rubber enterprises for the aging test is still only in the heat aging, ozone aging, but the tire, conveyor belt and other rubber products most of the time are exposed to the sun’s aging environment.