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Shoe Flexing Tester




        This machine is designed for determining the resistance of finished shoes to flex.The flexing resistance of the specimen is determined by measuring the force required when a specimen is flexed to a specified angel or angle reached when a specimen is flexed by a given force. It uses a high-precise encoder to read out the angle value. It features the rapid returning function.



     Key Technical Data                                           

Specimen: 39 and 42 yards of French shoe,

#6 and #8 of British shoe

Length of moment arm: 315mm

Flexing position: 1/3 length of a finished shoe

Force resolution: 1/50000

Flexing Speed: 100 mm/min

Angle Accuracy: 0.1°

Load: 200N

DimensionW×D×H: 50×45×53 cm

Weight: 40kg

Power: 1∮AC220V 3A (Specified by user)