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The NOVA e-Series of surface area analyzers offers a full line of rapid, high throughput B.E.T. surface area and pore size analyzers. Eight fully automatic models meet the needs of any research or quality assurance laboratory. Combined with the patent airflow procedure, about 30% of the analysis time can be saved, and the space is greatly saved. The NOVA 3000e series hosts can be run independently, including sample preparation stations under vacuum or flow conditions, three analysis stations, a hard disk for storing data, and a fast correction system for ensuring consistency of results and reliability. Available sample measurement analyzes include specific surface, density, pore volume and pore distribution. The NOVAWin2 operation  and data processing software can increase the graphics output, with advanced mathematical analysis methods and the results can be output to other Windows programs.

     Key Technical Data                                          

Model: NOVA3000e

Main features: Three samples can be analyzed simultaneously and four samples degassed; Patented design, without helium

Adsorption gas: N2 only

Degassing station indicators: two built-in degassing station, can be independent of the temperature control; can simultaneously prepare four samples

Temperature range: room temperature to 350 (450 need to add quartz heating package)

Temperature selection: 1 progressive

Temperature fluctuation: <5

Temperature control accuracy: 1% of thermocouple temperature
Vacuum limit: with the analysis station, two-stage direct drive vacuum pump  (1×10-3torr)

Backfill gas: adsorbent - ammonia
Analysis station indicators: Simultaneous three BET analyzes

Simultaneous a BET and two pore analysis

Simultaneous two BET and one hole analysis

Continuous P0 determination and two pore volume analysis

Pressure sensor accuracy: <± 0.1% (full range, 1000 torr range)

Pressure sensor reproducibility: 0.02% (full range, 1000 torr range)

Relative resolvable pressure (N2): 2×10-5P / P0

Pressure range: 0 ~ 0.13Mpa (1000 torr)

Resolution: 0.0015%

A / D converter: 16 bits (1 part in 65,000)

Sensitivity: <1×10-7 moles of adsorbed / desorbed gas
Vacuum limit: 1×10-3torr (0.13pa), the use of two-stage mechanical pump 2.5m3 / h

Pore volume (structure):> 0.01m2 / g (no known upper limit)

Total pore volume: <0.0001cc / g

Pore diameter of the scope of application: 3.5 ~ 5000A

Reproducibility deviation: <2%

Instrument status display: LED array shows the analysis or degassing cycle state

Calibration: the software guides users step by step, the steps are simple. Full calibration or correction confirmation takes only a few minutes. No ice bath, no                                          need to return to factory for correction.

Dimension (W×D×H): 1968.4999999999998px×1270px×1270px

Net weight: 37.6kg (83lbs.)

Power: 100 ~ 240V, 50/60 Hz - single-phase, standard AC outlet

Working environment: temperature 10 to 45 , relative humidity 10% to 95%