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Slip Resistance Tester




Slip Resistance Tester is used to testing the friction coefficient of shoe sole, front or heel of shoe and to determining the slip resistance of shoes. Put specimen on the testing plane with glycerol as a lubricant, and give a specified load, then move the test table in the horizontal direction relative to the specimen by horizontal traction force, measuring dynamic friction, and calculate the coefficient of friction.


1.Intelligent hardware control system with closed loop control system capability

2.The power mode adopts DC motor system, the DC motor has the features of anti - heat, bass, shockproof and high speed and high frequency positioning function

3.Safety designMultiple safety protection design and warning signs, add an emergency stop button in the prominent area of the panel to ensure the safety of the operator

4.The software has the function of reading test data curve, result comparison, unit interchange.

     Key Technical Data                                         

Sensor capacity: Vertical load cell: 100kg×1

Horizontal load cell: 100kg×2

Vertical pressure: 500±25N;  400±20N
Sliding speed: 0.3±0.03 m/s

Wedge Angle gauge: 7°

Testing pane:Compressed tile floor, stainless steel plate, carpet

Dimension(W×D×H):179×69×113 cm

Weight: 240kg

Power:1∮,AC 220V,50/60Hz (or specified by user)