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Athletic Footwear Shock Attenuating Tester




The tester is used to measure the shock attenuating characteristics and rapid rate force-displacement relationships, of materials systems employed in the midsole of athletic footwear intended for use in normal running movements.


ASTM F1614(A法)、ASTM-F1976

     Key Technical Data                                             

Hammer’s mass: 8.5 kg (5J), 11.9 kg (7J)

Hammer’s dimension: Radius of top arc R=1.0±0.25mmtop is rounddia 45 mm , weight less than0.2 kg

Drop height: 50 mm

Impact method: Free fall

Impact energy: 5±0.5J7±0.5J

Test speed: 2 ± 1seconds/cycle

Capacity of load cell: 5000 lbfsampling rate more than 1000Hz

Displacement sensor:  0~100mmsampling rate more than 1000Hz

Dimension (W×D×H): 82×56×2950px

Weight: 240 kg

Power: 1∮AC220V(specified by user)