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These series of universal testing machine are used to test tension, compression, bend, shearing force, adhesion, peeling force, tear strength,...etc. of specimen, semi-product and finished product in the field of rubber, plastic, metal, nylon, fabric, paper, aviation, packing, architecture, petrochemistry, electric appliance, automobile,...etc. , which are the basic facilities for input quality control (I.Q.C), Quality Control (Q.C.), Physical Inspection, Mechanics Research and Material Development.

     Key Technical Data                                         

◆ Model: AI-7000 M

◆ Capacity (optional): 10, 20 kN

◆ Unit (Switchable): kgf, lbf, N, kN, kPa, MPa

◆ Load Resolution: 1/200,000 (or 1/300,000 specified by user)

◆ Load Accuracy: ±0.25%

◆ Load Range: Rangeless (full scales at the same amplification)

◆ Stroke (exclude the grips): 1100 mm

◆ Effective width: 410 mm

◆ Test Speed: 0.001~1000 mm/min;0.001~1500 mm/min selectable

◆ Speed Accuracy: ±0.1%

◆ Stroke Resolution: 0.00004 mm

◆ Sample Rate: 1000 times/sec

◆ Communication Interface: USB

◆ Motor: AC servo motor
◆ Dimension (W×D×H): Main Unit (Height exclusive of footpad):75 × 70 ×236 cm

◆ Computer / Desk: 100 × 60 × 118 cm 

◆ Weight (approx.):   Main Unit: 223 kg

◆ Computer / Desk: 50 kg

◆ Power: 1∮, 220V, 15A ,50Hz/60Hz or specified by user


The accessories such as the different grips, elongation measuring-devices... etc. are equipped according to the requirements specified in the contract; our sales representative will also give the proper suggestions to our customer beforehand.


Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.