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Bursting Strength Tester




This machine is fit for products which are packaged by corrugated paper such as electronic instruments, electric ware, hardwares, bike, valise, food, shoe, furniture…etc, to test the bursting-resistance strength of paper box; it can also test the cloth and synthetic leather. 
  The GT-7013-ADP type of Bursting strength tester is adopted with signal output of pressure. While specimen is breaking, the max. breaking value will be kept with the alarm buzzer&alert light automatically. It’s accuracy has promoted 20times more than the traditional gauge.


ASTM-D2210、GB/T 6545、ISO-2759、JIS-L1018、JIS-P8112、TAPPI-T403

     Key Technical Data                                            

◆ Model: High pressure  Low pressure

◆ Capacity 0~100 kgf/cm2 0~16 kgf/cm2

◆ Resolution: 0.005kgf/cm2   0.0008kgf/cm2

◆ Unitkg / m, kgf , psi

◆ Load resolution1 / 25,000

◆ Motor Shockproof motor 1/4HP

◆ Clamping force3~12kgf/cm2 (Adjustable)

◆ Pressing speed170±10 ml / min 95 ± 10ml/min

◆ Sensing methodPressure transducers

◆ Indicator LCD, 0-999,999

◆ Rubber diaphragmHigh pressure Low pressure

◆ Dimension (W×D×H)37 × 55 × 55 cm

◆ Weight (approx)80 kg

◆ Power 1∮AC220V50/60Hz3A (Specified by user)