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English The Hildebrand Digital Durometer  Model HDD-2 is our latest  innovation for checking the hardness of rubber, plastics and other  non-metallic surfaces.  The durometer conforms to DIN  ISO 7619, ISO 868, ISO 7619 and  ASTM D 2240. Features:  Conform to DIN, ISO and ASTM  Superior 1/2 point accuracy ? Ergonomic handhold design  Large LCD Time set-up from 1 ....99 s  Resolution 0.1 ? AUTO-OFF-function  HOLD-function Low battery warning Data port: Opto-RS 232  Connected directly to your PC  for data transfer to Hildebrand  HilMeasure Software  Batteries 3.6 V Size 1/2 AA The model HDD-2 is designed for  handheld applications or for use  with our Operating Stand Model  OS-2. Delivered with:  Custom made carrying case .


English The new HilMeasure Software  is available for the following  Hildebrand products:  ? Digital Durometer HDD-2  ? Thickness measuring instruments  for:  Rubber  Films and foils  Textiles and rubber ? Ball rebound tester  ? Densimeter H-300S The HilMeasure Software is the  ideal tool for laboratory applications  and documentation. Functions:  ? Windows7? compatible  ? Analogue/digital measurement  display  ? Comprehensive statistics  ? Configurable test report (pdf )  ? Output files as .csv or.jpg  ? Various HMI languages can be set  ? Individual licenses for the above  mentioned products  ? Configurable HMI  ? Pre-configurable user profile  ? Automatic instrument detection.