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       This machine is very convenient for preparing test specimens. Put raw materials into iron die and clamp die between the electric heating plates of the machine, then heat and compress the die to mold the raw materials into specimens for testing in laboratory and being the standard in mass production.

     Key Technical Data                                            

Capacity: 10, 30, 50 ton (optional)

Temperature: room temp. ~ 300 °C

Control and display: HMI+PLC

Heat Plate Area: 300×300mm (10ton,30ton)

400×400mm (50ton) or specified

Cooling method: water (optional)

Functions of platens: top platen for heating; bottom platen for cooling

Dimensions(W×D×H): 106×70×165 cm

Weight: 1320 kg

Power supply: 3∮AC 220V50Hz/60Hz20A (Specified by user)