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Shoe Water Penetration Centrifuge




This machine is designed for determining the static waterproofness of various finished shoes.The waterproofness of the specimen is determined by immersing the specimen’s surface into water and increasing water pressure though high-speed rotation. It can stop automatically when the predetermined time is reached. The emergency stop button and the horizontal sensing device are provided for protecting operator against injury.

     Key Technical Data                                          

Test Quantity: 4 stations

Rotation Speed: 0250 r.p.m.

Relative Centrifugal Force: 28~30 times

Rotation Radius: 503mm

Size of water tank: 355×140×250 cm
Safety Device: Door has auto-lock function, i.e. it`s available to start the machine                                 after door is closed; it`s available to open the door when the machine                           is turned off.

Equipped with a level safety switch to stop the tester when the tester is working under big vibrations and or inclined over 5 degree.

Dimension (W×D×H): Φ129cm x 186 cm(H)

Weight: 360kg

Power: 1∮,  AC 220V, 50Hz (Specified by user)