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Insole Backpart Stiffness Tester




This tester is used to measure the stiffness in the longitudinal direction of steel shanks used for the reinforcement of the waist region of shoes. The shank is clamped at its heel end and bent as a cantilever beam by masses added to its forward end. 
  The amount of bending is measured and used to calculate the flexual rigidity of the shank.



     Key Technical Data                                            

◆ Adjustable height of the back holder:≦30°

◆ Length of Measuring Clip:60±0.02mm
◆ Thickness of front pallet:12mm

◆ Deflection scale0~10mm(min. 0.01mm)

◆ Load200±1g×4

◆ DimensionW×D×H:37×17×875px
◆ Weight:12kg