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Shoe Bending Waterproofness Tester




        This machine is designed for measuring the waterproofness of the finished shoes.Steel balls are placed into the specimen as a sensor, and a sensitivity adjustable sensing system is used for detecting water permeation into the specimen. This machine is applicable to flex shoes dynamically or measure shoes statistically.
  Fully automated water supply and drainage systems;Specially designed eccentric wheel is adjustable;The pneumatic clamping device is used and its clamping height is adjustable;It automatically detects water permeation and lights up the LED alarm lamp;Either timer or counter is selectable according to test requirements.

     Key Technical Data                                            

Test quantity: Two finished shoe (Size 1~12)

Test speed20~75 cpm (adjustable)

Bending Angle: 0 ~ 60°


Dimension (W×D×H): 80x 118 x 75 cm
Weight(approx.): 250kg
Power: 1∮, AC220V, 5A (or specified by user)