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DIN Abrasion Resistance Tester




This machine is designed for determining the resistance of polyester soles, outsoles and polymer sheet materials.The abrasive resistance is assessed by measuring the abrasion loss after the specimen is rubbed against sandpaper. This machine features its high efficiency, good reproducibility and simple operation.


BS-903、DIN53516、GB/T 9867、ISO-4649、JIS-K6264、SATRA TM174

     Key Technical Data                                            

Weight: 2.5±0.1N; 5±0.1N; 10.0±0.2N

Rubbing length: 40 ± 0.2m

Lateral displacement of damp: 4.20±0.04 mm (Drum rotates 1 cycle)

Sandpaper: 60# Grain, Average thickness 1 ± 0.2mm

Abrasion Path: 40m / 20m correspond to rotations of the drum

Cylinder revolution: 40 ± 1r/min

Test Method: Rotation and non-rotation

Dimension (W×D×H): 75×42×40 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Power: 1∮,AC220V, 50Hz (Specified by user)