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Fiber twist tester




This machine applies to untwist the cord sample until the strand or wire to be measured is unfastened to measure the twist value.

     Key Technical Data                                         

Twist number:1~1999
Test length: 10~500mm (can be set)

Test method F0Direct counting method(general)

          F1once untwist and twist methodA

          F2untwist and twist methodB

          F3three times untwist and twist method

Test speed:100r/min1900r/min (adjustable)
Inching speed: 100r/min1900r/min (adjustable)
Data output mode

Adisplay output: LCDthe test frequency, twist value, twist coefficient and other statistics can be shown

BPrint output: the machine can be connected to the printer, the test frequency, test conditions can be recorded, and twist value, twist factor and other statistics can be printed.

Power:  AC220V±10%  50Hz

Rated power: 20W

Dimension: 890mm×290mm×215mm

Weight: 11kg