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Low Temperature Retraction Tester




TR tester is designed for determining the retraction characteristics of the stretched vulcanized rubber after cooling. The specimen is stretched at a standard laboratory temperature, and then is cooled to a temperature which retraction will not occur after removing tensile force. The tensile force is removed and temperature is increased at a constant rate. The temperature which the specified retraction rate occurs is determined.

     Key Technical Data                                            

Control Method: PLC + computer software

Testing Specimen: 6 sets

Testing Temp: Room temp. to -70℃

Cooling Method: Compressor or liquid nitrogen (prepared by user)

Temp Accuracy: ±0.3℃

Stroke Range: 350%

Stroke Accuracy: 0.01mm

Heating Speed: 1.0℃/min

Dimension(W×D×H):  105×85×235 cm

Power: 3∮ AC 380V Specified by user