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Place the specimen in an airtight, constant temperature and ozone environment after a period of static or dynamic stretching, check the specimen cracking degree or other variations of physical properties to assess the anti-ozone aging properties of rubber.



     Key Technical Data                                         

Ozone monitoring: UV absorption method

Ozone concentration: 25~500 pphm (25-1000 pphm customizable

Ozone fluctuation: ±2.5% F.S

Ozone Accuracy: ±5% F.S

Temp. Range: 20~80℃

Temp. Control accuracy:  ±1℃

Ozone generator:  Corona discharge

Display : HMI (touch screen)

Interior dimension (W× D × H): 45×45×50cm

Dimension (W×D×H): 124 × 72 × 175 cm

Power: 1∮220V50Hz