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This machine is designed for determining the resistance of outsoles, heels or relevant materials to static friction. The specimen is pulled horizontally at given conditions so that the maximum tension is measured and the coefficient of friction is calculated. The static frictional resistance is hence assessed. Both dry and wet tests can be made by this machine.


HG/T 3780

     Key Technical Data                                            

Specifications of rubbing board:
 520×520 mm

Clamp specifications: 2700g±34g, L=150.0±.02mm , W=100.0±0.2mm

Stroke: >230mm

Test Speed: 100±10mm/min or 400±10mm/min

Display Method: U25

Capacity: 50kg

Dimension (W×D×H): 102×48×925px

Weight (approx.): 80kg

Power: 1∮, AC 220V, 50Hz (Specified by user)