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Shoe Lace Abrasion Tester




This machine is designed for the resistance of all shoelaces to abrasion.Two shoelaces are horizontally crossed in a moveable clamp, rubbing against each other, so as to determine their abrasive resistance. 4 sets of specimens can be tested once.


DIN-4843、QB/T 2226、SATRA PM154

     Key Technical Data                                           

Test Quantity: 4 sets

Weigh: 250g±3g x 4 pcs

Reciprocating stroke: 35±2mm

Test Speed: 60±3 cpm

Counter: LCD,0999,999

Dimension(W×D×H): 56×55×44 cm

Weight(approx.): 70 kg

Power: 1∮,AC220V , 50Hz (Specified by user)