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English The patented IRHD N, H, L /  Durometer Hardness System provides hardness readings on elastomers and plastics with a specimen  thicker than 6 mm according to  IRHD and Durometer hardness. It  complies to international standards DIN ISO 48, ISO 48, ASTM D  1415 and DIN ISO 7619. Available inserts for IRHD:  ball dia. 2.5 mm, 5.0 mm,  1.0 mm and for Durometer A. You can fit the inserts without  tools into the measuring head. An  electronic identification of each  insert is housed in the measuring head. The corresponding  software for each insert is set up  automatically. You cannot mix up  the inserts. Therefore this system  eliminates operator errors. The patented IRHD N, H, L /  Durometer Hardness System is  working fully automatically with a  PC and the Hildebrand Software.  The Software controls the operation of the system. It is working  under MS-Windows and offers  unique features. Hardness value,  graph, statistics, test report are only  a few features of this software. An  ASCII-output file is provided. The modular construction makes  it possible to change the measuring head. An additional measuring  head "MICRO IRHD" is available.English The MICRO IRHD SYSTEM provides  hardness readings on elastomers  according to MICRO IRHD. Recommended specimen thickness is 1  to 5 mm. It complies to international standards such as DIN ISO  48, ISO 48 and ASTM D 1415. The  MICRO IRHD SYSTEM is a hardness testing machine controlled  by a Hildebrand MS-Windows  software. 2 weights are automatically  lowered and raised. Thus this  system eliminates operator errors  while testing. Specimen are  positioned on the support table.  The table automatically drives to  the measuring head. The minor  load is automatically lowered to  the indenter. This position of the  indenter represents 100 MICRO  IRHD. The major load is lowered  now. The penetration of the  indenter is digitally measured  after 30 seconds and converted  into MICRO IRHD UNITS. The Hildebrand MICRO IRHD  software checks and controls the  operation of the system. The software is working under MS-Windows and offers unique features.  The hardness value, graph, hysteresis, statistics, test report are only  a few features of this software. An  ASCII-output file is provided. All data are transmitted to the  IRHD Controller, which is connected to the RS 232 interface of  the computer.