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Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer




This machine is XM-60 Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer, used to analyze the moisture content of various materials.


Repeatability: The same weight and the same composition of the sample, after N times determination, the results error are within the same range, the error range is repeatability, such as moisture content: 10.002%, 10.001%, 10.003%
Intelligent automatic stop mode (end point judgment): Automatically stop according to changes in moisture quality (d/s) and water%, generally set to the water reduction 1mg within 40s, the water meter automatically stop.
Standard Halogen lamp rapid heating mode, infrared heating lamp or metal tube heater(optional)
RS232 communication interface: Can be connected to a computer or printer
Vacuum screen (VFD): Avoid damage to the user's vision because of long-term reading

     Key Technical Data                                          

Weight range: 124kg
Accuracy: 1mg/0.01%
Repeatability: 1/0.2%
Linearity: 1.5mg
Weight scale size: Φ100mm
Heating temperature: 30~230