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◆The new design of the GC126 computer temperature control system uses the international advanced control technology. High temperature accuracy (better than ± 0.1 ℃) , reliability and excellent anti-jamming performance.

A variety of control and parameters can be set by keyboard, the machine has a self-diagnosis, power protection, file storage and call, limit temperature settings and other functions. 3.8" large screen can accurately display the temperature control set value, the actual value and real-time curve, the detector parameters, signal values and real-time curve.

Six independent control area: oven, injector, detector, auxiliary device.

◆The finished product can achieve nine-class program heating, with automatic cooling box function, can rapid heating and cooling.

It is equipped with double and single high sensitivity hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID), one of the following detectors for option: gas injection valve, converter and other accessories, two detectors can be installed, and Detector sensitivity is high (such as FID test results: MFID ≤ 3 × 10-12g / s), stable time is short, easy to clean the nozzle and easy to install. 


◆Embedded 32-bit processor and multi-CPU system development, IT interface-related technology, Automatic temperature parameter settings, detector selection, detector operating parameters and data automatically zero function, sensitivity and polarity digital settings can be achieved.

Display multiple parameters simultaneously, the operation is very simple and convenient.

Computer anti-control function, you can achieve all the functions by computer (through the USB interface).

No external workstations are required and an analog output interface is provided.

Column oven:

Temperature range: room temperature plus 5 ~ 400

control accuracy: ± 0.1

program heating: 6/7 platform

maximum heating rate: 60 / min

Dual channel column drain compensation


Up to three injectors (2 filled column injections, 1 capillary column injection) or 2 capillary column injectors can be loaded.

Sampler unit: Separate split / splitless injector system and packed column injector system


Up to three detectors can be loaded

Hydrogen Flame Ion Detector (FID):

Temperature range: room temperature plus 7 ~ 400 ; detection limit 3 × 10-12g / s, sample: C16

Miniature Thermal Conductivity Detector (μ-TCD):

Temperature range: room temperature plus 7 ~ 400 ; sensitivity 3000mv? Ml / mg

Electronic Capture Detector (ECD):

Temperature range: room temperature plus 7 ~ 350 ; radioactive source: 63Ni10 ~ 12mci; minimum detection: 5 × 10-14g / ml; sample: r666

Flame Photometric Detector (FPD):

Temperature range: room temperature plus 7 ~ 400 ; detection limit 3 × 10-12g / s (P) 3 × 10-11g / s (S)

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Detector (NPD):

Temperature range: room temperature plus 7 ~ 400 ; detection limit 5 × 10-12g / s (N), 5 × 10-13g / s (P)