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◆VFD display, high contrast self-luminous screen, clear and easy to read, less eye fatigue, suitable for long-term use

When the calibration is completed manually or automatically, the instrument will automatically indicate that the calibration is completed

Built-in RS232 communication interface can be connected to a computer or printer

personal password protection and mechanical anti-theft measures, so that the balance scale run in a safe and assured environment

Larger objects can be weighed by hanging scale, more convenient to weigh
KD, compact appearance, highly integrated, saving space

The use of advanced advanced mold making process, all-aluminum body casting, corrosion-resistant sealed keyboard, to ensure that no leakage, to avoid electrostatic interference and mechanical shock, to achieve the most advanced protection of precision

Anti-static glass draft shield, separate windshield design, easy to clean and no effect on the balance, remove your annoyance of dirt. The effective height of weighing pan 240mm

SCS automatic intelligent internal calibration system, one key calibration, timing calibration, calibration according to temperature can be chosen, the temperature calibration information can be stored or printed out.

Multi-level software automatic calibration function --- With calibration weight automatic detection system, intelligent identification of the quality of the standard weight to ensure that the absolute accuracy of the weighing results

g, mg, ounces, pounds, Torah and other units of conversion

Weighing objects can be measured by analyzing the data into a percentage display

can be applied to the animals weighing

Built-in density direct reading program, can accurately measure the density and automatically calculate the results

Built-in 14 groups of weight units, 4 groups of units for option with a single key quickly switch

with computing, sum and other expansion functions to meet the diverse needs

     Key Technical Data                                           

Weight range: 220g

Accuracy: 0.0001g

Linear: 0.0002g

Repeatability: 0.0001

Weight pan size: 80mm

Net weight: 5.9kg