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   PVT tester is designed for analyzing the polymer in the pressure, volume, temperature changes, using a fixed cavity membrane heating structure to fix the volume of polymer. The optimum process parameters of injection mould-type production process is calculated by the variation of volume and density under different pressure and temperature to reduce the defect of warp, shrinkage, bubble and suture in the process of processing, so as to reduce the scrap rate increase productivity and obtain high quality product efficiency. 

Heating or cooling a certain amount of polymers according to the set temperature or use rate temperature control, and improve the accuracy of temperature control by the simulation volume of air-flow cooling system, using the servo motor control pressure plunger keep constant pressure in accordance with the set pressure, using the high precision optical ruler measuring the expansion or contraction volume when the polymer temperature changes, and conclude the density, specific volume and other data for analyzing.


ISO 17744

     Key Technical Data                                         

Test capacity: 2500 bar

Temp. Range: ambient.+10℃~300℃ (400℃optional)

Accuracy: ±0.3℃

Resolution: 0.1

Controller: PID

Tube diameter: 7.8 mm ±0.005 mm

Plunger diameter: 7.76mm

Tube test length: 10~23mm

Cooling way: High-precision flow valve control, airflow cooling

Pressure control: accuracy ±2%

Controller: PID

Strength sensing mode: load cell

Resolution: 1/30000

Load accuracy: 0.25%

Displacement sensing mode: High precision optical ruler

Resolution: 5μm
Accessories: 1 cleaning rod, 1 stock rod, cleaning copper brush, 1 feed funnel, 100 teflon spacers
Dimension(W×D×H): 60 x 66 x 168 cm
Weight: 220kg
Power: 1 § 220V 50/60Hz 10A