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Coefficient Of Friction Tester




This machine is designed for testing the coefficients of static friction (starting friction) and dynamic friction (sliding friction) of plastic film or sheeting. It applies to the measurements of frictional properties of plastic film or sheeting product. 
  The sample is tested under a given load when sliding over it self so as to obtain the coefficients of static friction and dynamic friction, It adopts the touch panel and print the test result.


ASTM-D1894、ISO 8295、GB-10006、GB-17200、TAPPI-T816

     Key Technical Data                                           

Control interface:HMI+PLC

Test strokeMax. 135mm

Test speed150 ± 30 mm/min

Max load 2000 g

Dimension and weight of sled63.5 × 63.5 mm/ 200g

Driving motor 40000 P/R step motor

Dimension (W×D×H)55x45x28 cm

Weight15 kg

Power1∮AC220V (Specified by user)