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GT-WS Transmittance/Haze Tester is a computerized automatic measuring instrument that is suitable for all transparent, translucent parallel plane samples (plastic sheet, sheet, plastic film, flat glass) Haze, reflectivity test, but also for liquid samples (water, beverages, pharmaceuticals, coloring fluid, grease) turbidity measurement. Widely used in national defense research and industrial and agricultural production areas.


GB/T2410-2008、ASTM D1003-61

     Key Technical Data                                          

Optical system: collimated illumination, diffuse field of view, integrating sphere                                        receiving mode;
                          Sample window size: into the window Φ25mm, out of the window                                   Φ21mm;
                           Light source: C light source (DC 12V 50W halogen lamp + color                                   temperature film);
                           Receiver:silicon photo voltaic+view function                                                                        correction (Compliance with V (λ) standard value)

Electronic system: LED digital display;
                            Minimum reading: light transmittance 0.01%, haze 0.01%;
                            BCD code serial output print interface;
                            Automatic operation system, haze
/light transmittance automatic                                     switching, automatic measurement, automatic correction
                           Computer data processing system, multiple continuous testing,                                       display
 the average ;

Measuring range: Light transmittance 0% -100%; haze: 0% -30.00%

Sample size: solid standard sample size: 50mm×50mm;

solid big sample size: width: 380mm, thickness: 130mm,

length: unlimited

flume dimension: 50mm×50mm×10mm

film sample size: 50mm×50mm

Check sample: Φ40mm×2mm, one

Preheating time: 30min

Accuracy: transmittance: 1%

Haze: H0.5%  0.1%H0.5%   0.3%
Repeatability: transmittance: 0.5%

Haze: H0.5%  0.05%H0.5%   0.1%
Dimension(W×D×H):74 × 27× 30 cm

Weight: 21kg

Power: 220V±22V50Hz±1Hz  single phase

Environmental conditions: 5 ~ 35