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Servo Control High/Low Temperature Creep Tester




The tester is used to determine the creep/stress relaxation properties of specimen from -70℃ to 200℃.Under determined temperature,after specimen is stretched or loaded at a certain degree,constantly hold the extension or load for a period of time. Observe and record the load-time or elongation-time curve.

     Key Technical Data                                           

Control Mode: HMI+PLC+DSP sampling card

Temp Range: -70.0200.0℃

Temp.accuracy: ±2.0℃

Capacity: 1N~200N

Unit: kgfkNN

Load Resolution:  1/200000

Load Accuracy: ±0.5%

Displacement Resolution: 0.00120.000

Stroke Accuracy: 0.01mm(detected by magnetic scale)

Interior (W×D×H): 500mmx600mmx400mm

DimensionsW×D×H: 1600mmx900mmx1650mm

Power: 3∮ AC380V 50/60Hz specified by user