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Temperature Tape Retentivity Tester




This machine is used for testing the adhering force of adhesive tape under a specified load and various temperature,which can be settable to obtain the better understanding of the relationship between the change of temperature and tape`s adhesive retentiveness.



     Key Technical Data                                            

Type: 10

Load:  1kg (10 pc)

Test station: 10

Timer: LED 0~999,999 min (or sec)

Temp. Range: Ambient temp. + 10℃ to 200℃, PID control

Temp. Resolution: 0.1℃

Safety device: Over-temp. and over-current protectors

Material: Stainless steel (inside), steel and baked finish (outside)

Interior dimension (W×D×H)85 × 35 × 45 cm

Exterior dimension (W×D×H)140 × 51 × 90 cm
Weight (approx.) :  143kg

Power: 1∮, AC 220V (or specify)