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Programmable Temperature & Humidity Tester




        By simulating various conditions of environment and humidity, the constant temperature and humidity tester tests if the adaptability and properties of a product are changed This tester is widely used for testing electronic components, appliances, metals, rubbers, plastics, chemicals, building materials, food, etc.


-Touch screen functions.
-Color LCD, dialog-based HMI.
-Directly display set value (SV) and process value (PV) of temperature.
-Can display the number, segment, remaining time and cycle times of the
   current working program.
-Time accumulating function.
-Can display temperature`s set value and value via a curve.
-Can edit temperature, humidity and time up to 4 segments in one page. 
-Can dynamically display the program action.
-16-segment backlight adjustment.
-Can set screen saver time or manually disable screen saver.
-Standby function, can save power.

     Key Technical Data                                          

Temp. Range: -70~100 ℃ (+150°C optional)

Humid. Range: 20~98% R.H

Temp. Fluctuation: 100℃ within±0.3℃150℃ within±0.5℃

Temp. Tolerance: 100℃ within ±1.0℃150℃ within±1.5℃
Temp. Uniformity: Size L and bigger chambers 1.5 ℃within 100℃; 2.0℃ within                                        150℃(Size L and smaller chambers: 1.0℃ within 80℃)
Humid. Fluctuation: ±2.0%R.H
Humid. Tolerance: ±3.0%R.H
Humid. Uniformity: 3.0%R.H
Interior Dimensions (W×H×D)cm: 50 × 75× 60 (Customizable)
Interior Material: Frosty stainless steel
Exterior Material: Stainless steel baking finish
Insulation: Rigid polyurethane foam and glass wool

Refrigeration System: Air cooled

Hermetic compressor, cascade refrigeration system

Hermetic compressor, single stage refrigeration system
Safety Devices: No fuse breaker refrigerator over load relay. Refrigeration high                        pressure switch. Over Temp, Protector, Protection relay, Protection fuse,                      Water lever  protector, Overheat protector, Alarm
Accessories: Viewing window, Shelves ( Freely adjustable 2 pieces ), Cable port (                            ?50mm ), Chamber lamp
Dimensions(W × H× D)cm: 100 × 127× 166 (Customizable)
Power: 3∮,AC380V/415V ±10% 50Hz/60Hz (or specified by user)