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Universal Wear Tester




         This tester is a multi-function and precision instrument for measuring the abrasion durability, flex wear and edge wear of the specimen as paper, plastics, rubber, textiles, leather, etc. All tests may be run under wet or dry condition. The system will automatically stop when the specimen is worn out.


AATCC-119&120、ASTM-D3514、ASTM-D3885、ASTM-D3886、DRAFT 20-0-70

     Key Technical Data                                           

Tensioning weight: 2~1/2 lb, 2~1 lb,1~2 lb

Counter poise: 2~1/2 lb, 2~1 lb

Pressure range: 1~9 psi

Table stoke: 1"(25.4 mm)

Counter: 0~99,999

Timer: 30min

Dimension: 31×65×57 cm

Weight: 68kg

Power: 1∮AC220V6A