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Vulcanized Rubber Compression Tester




        This machine is designed for determining the cold resistant coefficient of vulcanized rubbers. The rubber product is compressed at a low temperature under conditions such as damping, sealing and buffering so that its cold resistant coefficient is assessed. The specimen is compressed to a specified height, and then is cooled at a specified low temperature for a given time. The height is measured after the compressive load is removed for a specified time.


HG/T 3866

     Key Technical Data                                           

Temp. Range: ambient ~ -50 ℃

Temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃

Temperature uniformity: ±2℃

Cooling rate: From 20 ℃ to -50 ℃ takes about 31 minutes (no-load)

Clamp: specified by user

Test tank (approx): 1425px×450px×375px(D×W×H)

Dimension (approx): 1850px×1775px×3800px(D×W×H)

Weight (approx): 245kg

Power: 1∮AC220V 50Hz (or specified by user)