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Pendulum Impact Tester




This machine is an IZOD type impact tester, which is used for testing the absorption energy of specimens with different hardness in such a manner that the specimen is hit at a given angle and weight. After impacting the specimen, the impact energy of the material is determined based on the absorption energy of the specimen.



     Key Technical Data                                           

◆ Capacity Optional: 30、50、75 kg-cm optional

◆ Impact Speed: 3.46 m/sec

◆ Test Angle: 150°

◆ Angle Display Resolution: 0.1°

◆ Printing: By PL-16 printer

◆ Dimension (W×D×H): 44 × 68 × 66 cm

◆ Weight (approx.): 50 kg

◆ Power: 1∮AC220V50/60Hz (Specified by user)