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Leather-Cracking Tester




This tester is used to examine the cracking degree for upper and light leather. Using the clamping ring and cap to clamp round specimen periphery, and the steel ball to press against the center of the flesh side of the specimen with the speed of 12 mm/min. Whilst the pressure reaches 800 N, the distension height is recorded as the cracking value.


DIN 53325、ISO-3379、QB 3812.7

     Key Technical Data                                            

◆ Load:1000 N

◆ SensorLoad transducer

◆ SoftwareU25

◆ Unit(Switchable)kgfNgflbfpsi

◆ Resolution1/50,000

◆ Fixed Specimen Diameter ?25 mm

◆ Pressing Speed12 mm/min

◆ Diameter of Steel Ball ?6.25 mm

◆ Dimension (W×D×H)45×36×1125px

◆ Power 1∮AC 220V1A(Specified by user)