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Foam Rubber Reciprocating Compression Tester




This machine is designed for determining the deformation set of foam plastics. The deformation set is calculated when the specimen is repeatedly compressed and have been placed for a given time. Users can set the number of tests, and it will stop automatically when the number of tests has been reached.



     Key Technical Data                                            

Compression Speed: 60cpm

Stroke: 0~50 mm (adjustable)

Distance Between Compression Plates: 130 mm (adjustable)

Area of Compression Plates: 35 × 35 cm

Motor: AC 1/3 HP

Counter: LDC , 0~999,999

Dimension (W×D×H): 72× 56 × 83 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Power: 1∮AC 220V50/60Hz 5A (Specified by user)