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Athletic Footwear Shock Attenuating Tester




The tester is used to measure the shock attenuating characteristics and rapid rate force-displacement relationships, of materials systems employed in the midsole of athletic footwear intended for use in normal running movements.


 ASTM F1614(B法)

     Key Technical Data                                            

◆ Time to reach the peak force (displacement) :15±5 ms

◆ Diameter of Compression head :  45±0.1 mm

◆ Edge radius of compression head: 1.0±0.25 mm
◆ Test speed2±1s/cycle

◆ Capacity of load cell: 500 lbfsampling rate more than 1000Hz

◆ Impact method: Constant power, position shift

◆ Impact energy5±0.5 J

◆ Dimension (W×D×H)150kgexclude computer control box

◆ Power: 1∮AC220V