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Demattia Flex-Cracking Tester




GT-7011-DMS is designed to determine the resistance of vulcanized rubber to fatigue under repeated tensile deformation. 


GB/T 13934


 48 specimen can be tested at the same time, and test times can be recorded;

 you can adjust stroke as required

 The machine is equipped with a grip spacing manual adjustment wheel,  you can manually adjust the spacing in the installation of the specimen.
 The test box is equipped with a built-in lamp and a window, which can be used to observe the specimen fatigue.

     Key Technical Data                                           

Station: 48

Grip type: holding around the specimen

Testing speed: 300±10 times/min

Stroke: 57mm

Grip starting spacing: 75mm

Counter range: 0~999,999 can be set

Power: 1∮ AC220V 50Hz (or specify)