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High Temperature Akron Abrasion Tester




This tester is designed to use together with a special balance for testing the abrasive consumption for the rubber products such as tire, belt of tank, …etc.

     Machine Features                                             

◆ The machine is equipped with a brush on the left side of the specimen. The brush can be rotated synchronously with the sample wheel, which can clear the small particles caused by friction on the test piece.

 The temperature can be set and rapidly heat up

◆ The test load can be obtained by moving the counter weight without the need for each adjustment

 The abrasion times can be set, and then automatically stop after reaching the set time.

     Key Technical Data                                           

Temperature range:ambient~90℃
Rubber Wheel:Diameter: 68±1mm  Thickness: 12.7±0.2mm
                             Hardness:75~80°(Shore A)
Specimen: Length: (D+2h)π+5mm,  Width: 12.7±0.2mm,  Thickness: 3.2±0.2mm
Note: D signifies the diameter of the rubber wheel, h signifies the thickness of the                 specimen.
Grinding wheel: Outside dia Φ150mm,25mm(w),grit 36#
Specimen Slanted Range: 0~35° adjustable
Grinding wheel rotating speed: 34±1r.p.m
Specimen Rotating speed: 76±2r.p.m
Load: 26.7±0.2N
Counter: LCD
Dimension (W×D×H): 1500px×1250px ×1125px
Weight (approx.): 57kg
Power: 1∮ AC 220V  50Hz   3A