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Carbon Black Dispersion Tester




This analyzer is so designed for the purpose of observing the dispersed situation of the carbon black in a mixing compound rubber. 
 The Carbon Black Dispersion Tester, made in Gotech, can determine the dispersibility of the black carbon in rubber swiftly and exactly thanks to the exact optical lens, CCD camera of fine quality, special-purpose video capture card of high resolution and powerful software. Characteristics:Combined with CCD housing and main unit of PC.



     Key Technical Data                                         

◆ Magnification: 100 times

Irradiation Angle: 30°

◆ Specimen Hole Size4.0×3.5mm

◆ Control MethodProfessional Program

Dispersion Grade Grade 0.1~10

Light Source Halogen Lamp

Dimension ( W×D×H ) 22×63×48 cm

◆ Weight23 kg

Power 1∮220V2A

◆ AccessoriesCutter