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The P600 is a real-time air quality monitor used to measure and record the concentration of airborne particles (PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and TSP). In workplace mode, it monitors the inhalable, thoracic and respirable concentrations, giving the user an immediate indication of air quality in health-specific terms. This allows for quick implementation of relief measures.

 It is equally suited to indoor and outdoor applications and can be operated via battery or mains supply.

The P600 features internal data logging and can be used in conjunction with the supplied software and smart phone app. This allows users to control and monitor sensors remotely. Multiple sensors can be connected to the same network using fixed wiring (up to 10km), licence free radio telemetry (up to 20 km) or GSM cellular modems. This makes it ideal for area-specific pollution studies.

Alternatively, the P600 can be integrated with one of our external data loggers and used alongside any other sensor from the 150 series.

The alarm facility informs users when exceedance levels are met.

The software has unlimited data storage and provides a satellite image of the instrument location. A pan/tilt-rotate IP camera can also be fitted.

     Key Technical Data                                          

Operating Time:  10 hours from fully recharged internal battery

External Power Source:  10 to 12 volts at 150 mA (250 mA with backlight)
Operating Temperature:  -5°C to +50°C. Must be sampling prior to excursions                                                 below freezing.
Humidity:  Up to 100%. Water must be prevented from entering the inlet or exhaust.

Particle Size Range:  0.5 to 20 micron diameter

Pump Flow Rate:  600 cc per minute

Dimensions:  260 x 160 x 190 mm

Digital Output:  RS232 9600 baud via PC link
Analogue Output:  4-20 mA or 0 to 4 volt analogue of TSP or PM10 channel, 12 bit resolution