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Waterproofing Tester




It’s used to test water-proof or leakage of fibre, synthetic leather, wrapped paper, etc.The test ways are: (i.e.get the average value of three operations, calculated to the first decimal)
(1). Water pressure:raise water position at speed of 25px/sec,the record the actual water position when three locations of surface of specimen get water penetration.
(2). Fixed water pressure:raise water position at certain height at speed of 25px/sec.Then pause,immediately record the seconds when three locations of surface of specimen get water-penetration.
(3).Leakage measurement: raise water position to fixed distance(10cm).   immediately stop raising the water to measure the water volume(ml)leaked during certain time.



     Key Technical Data                                           

Specimen: 20×500px

Water column height: 1800mm

Water level speed: 25px/sce

Pressure Diameter: fiber and knitting wears:100mm.

synthetic leather,leather: 50mm.

Dimension (W×D×H): 52×65×255 cm

Weight: 192kg

Power: 1∮, AC 220V, 2A