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HV-3000-P3 is a bench type HDT/VICAT tester. It is designed to measure heat deflection temperature and VICAT softening temperature for evaluation of thermal property of plastic materials.


The machine uses PC + special software to control, It has automatic control function of heating, cooling and stirring.
Graphic display function: can real-time display temperature, time and deformation, time curve, can maintain the instantaneous temperature after the test
The heating rate can be set according to the standard requirements
The tester can test three groups of specimen at the same time, above each group of specimen are a set of temperature devices, specimen’s height can be adjusted according to specimen’s shape, and the temperature can be displayed separately.
Equipped with over-voltage protection, over-current protection, ultra-limit temperature protection, leakage protection devices.
◆ The test machine has an accelerated cooling function: it can quickly cool to room temperature after each test by the accelerated cooling system (or connect the water pipe), and then come to the next test.
◆ It has the function of storing the test result and checking and reading the test result.

◆ Test data can be accessed arbitrarily and data and curve reanalysis can be achieved
The tester can be used to determine the heating deformation temperature and detect the Vicat softening temperature .

     Key Technical Data                                         

Temp. Range: Ambient temp. to 300℃
Test station3
Operating system
PC based HDT software
Temp. control accuracy
Heating rate
2±0.2℃/min (HDT) or 50±5℃/hr (VICAT)
Cooling method: Built in water piping (standard)

Water chiller (optional)
Cool down time (water piping): 300 to 35℃ within 40min (when water temp. is below                                                      25℃)
Test method
Deflection / penetration measuring range
0.001 to 3.500mm (LVDT sensor)
Stirring method
Vortex stirrer
Main unit dimension
Cooling box dimension80×75×3000px(W×D×H)

Power: 1∮ AC 220V  50Hz (or specify)