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Brake Hose Flexing Fatigue Tester




This tester simulates the softened pipe that are,mainly, used in car and motorcycle for carrying hydraulic fluid, air pressure or vacuum actuation flexing under high pressure environment to assess its life cycle. The design of this tester complies with GB/T 16897.


GB/T 16897

     Key Technical Data                                           

4 sets

Flexing Radius: 100mm

Specimen Length: 100600mm(adjustable)

Flexing Speed: 800rpm

Hose test load: 1620 kpa

Force Accuracy: ±1%

Motor: AC 3HP

Load: 2000 kPa
Hydraulic System: Air-boosting system with a auto-reserved-pressure device; Available to stop for each damaged specimen respectively.

Hydraulic: 1650 Kpa(16.52kg/cm2)

Timer: 09999.9min(adjustable)
Safety Device: With transparent protection cover,it should be covered to enable hydraulic device.

Dimension (W×D×H):  Main Unit 165×120×110 cm

Control Unit 54×46×3375px

Weight: 600kg

Power: 3∮AC380V 9A (specified by user)