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The machine is used to determine the rubber subjected to the constant compression load under certain amplitude and frequency to assess its rising speed of temperature, dynamic and permanent deformation but it’s available for testing the rubber with the hardness from 30 to 85 IRHD.

     Key Technical Data                                          

Test chamber(L×W×H): 130 × 100 × 230 mm

Compression frequency:1800rpm or specify

Compression stroke: 4.45±0.03 , 5.71±0.03 , 6.35±0.03 mm

Constant temperature range: 40 to 110℃

Prestressing force: 1Mpa, 2Mpa

Dimension (L×W×H): 78×60×93 cm

Weight: main unit 450kg

Control box: 90kg

Power: 1∮220V50 Hz / 60Hz