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Servo Oil Hydraulic System Horizontal Type Testing Machine




The horizontal model is suitable for tensile strength test of long materials, such as steel wire and cable, electric wire and cable, chain, spring and various ropes.

     Key Technical Data                                         

◆ Capacity(optional): 200kN  300kN   500kN   1000kN   2000kN

◆ Unit(Switchable):  kgf, N, lbf, kN, kPa, Mpa

◆ Display Method: By Computer

◆ Load Range: Rangeless(full scales at the same amplification)

◆ Resolution: 1/200,000(or 1/300,000)

◆ Accuracy: ±1%

◆ Test Speed: 1~50mm/min

◆ Driving Method: Servo Hydraulic Control System

◆ Rail Width: 500mm

◆ Hydraulic Stroke: 700mm(Customized available)

◆ Max. Grips Distance: 5m(Customized available)

◆ Dimension(W×D×H): Main Unit: 800×110×1575px

Control Unit : 102×70×3900px

◆ Weight(approx.):  4200kg

◆ Power: 2000kN:3∮,220V,32A  1000kN:3∮,220V,12A

NoteThe volume and weight will change with the variables of the capacity or the maximum distance the grips.


Specification and content are subjected to change without notice.