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Gehman Torsion Tester




The test machine is used to determine the relative stiffness properties of hardened or thermoplastic rubber, also known as the Gehman test. The movement of the rubber molecules becomes inactive from room temperature to low temperature, and it will be frozen and can not achieve the original function under the glass transition temperature (Tg). The Gehman test can also be used to determine the elastic recovery characteristics of rubber.


ISO1432、ASTM D1053

     Key Technical Data                                            

Temp. Range: ambient ~ -70 ℃ (customizable)

Temp. Accuracy± 0.3℃

Temp. Resolution: ± 0.1 ℃

Temperature sense: PT100
Cooling method: Secondary compressor refrigeration (Optional liquid nitrogen                                          cooling)

Coolants: Environmental protection coolants

Angel measuring: digital decoder

Test angel: 0~180°adjustable

Angel resolution0.1℃


USB connected